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Quick Mobile Fix?

Good question! And a valid one at that.

We’re a leading retailer of refurbished phones operating nationwide across the UK and Ireland.

With over six years of experience with phone repairs and refurbishment - you can rely on us for all your mobile phone needs.

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our mission is simple.

At the core of our brand is sustainability. Repairing devices and selling refurbished phones helps the environment and saves you money.

What’s not to like?


Want to know the numbers? Sure thing.

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Why community is so important.

Every purchase you make with us reduces your carbon footprint on our planet. Because our phones are refurbished by our in-house team, you help stop harmful materials and substances from reaching our eco-system.

You also earn loyalty rewards for every £1 you spend with us. So not only are you saving the planet, but you’re saving money too.

Why do we do this? So you can spend more time doing the things you love, for less.


Quality kit. Affordable price.

Buying a refurbished phone can be a new experience for many and most wil have questions around the quality of the phone they’re getting.

We only use the highest quality Grade A parts in our refurbished phones & repairs and prefer to save as many of the original parts as possible.

Why? So that you can have that unfaultered confidence that you recieving nothing but the best.


All of our refurbished devices use Grade A parts to replace any that may need refreshing.


All of our devices are graded as accurately as possible so you know exactly what you’re geting.


Not too sure what to choose?Our team will give you clear, honest advice. Tailored for you.

For us, it’s always about providing the best quality at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on our device repairs and refurbishments by our talented in house team.

Quick Mobile Fix Team