Our mission is simple.


Helping the enviroment, one phone at a time.

Our aim at Quick Mobile Fix has always been one of sustainability.

As we refurbish all of our products in house with our incredibly talented technical team. In doing so, we’ve successfully manage to lower our own carbon footprint rather significantly.

Every device you purchase comes with the added benefit of helping to reduce waste and protect our vital eco-system.

eco-friendly mentality

Every refurbished phone means less and less harmful materials and toxins entering into our enviroment. Why is this important? Well, simply it means that because we’re saving phones from being discarded, we keep costs down.
Which means more savings for you.


A refreshing

Carbon footprint is the big word on everyone’s minds these days.

That’s why we opt to save and use as many original parts in our refurbished devices and only use Grade A replacements in every one of our phones & tablets.

A recent study showed that up to 77% of carbon footprint for iPhones is caused during the manufacturing process. That’s a staggering amount of energy being used to produce one device.

By refurbishing that same device, we give it a new lease of life - massively reducing future waste.

our staff

Unleashing our

Our staff are the reason we can rise to greater heights.

Our employees are such an integral part of what makes Quick Mobile Fix so special. With fantastic employee benefits & career growth oppertunities - we widly encourage our staff to speak up and share ideas with our in house teams. With COVID-19 sweeping the industry, due to the
incredible resiliance of our team we haven’t needed to furlough a single member of staff.

With equal oppertunities avaible to everyone, we pride ourselves on our team and their many individual talents and personalities.

charity & community

Giving a helping hand.

As well as our dedication to staff and customers, we also believe in giving back to our local community.

Over the years we’ve provided to many national and local charities, supporting those in need the most.

From supporting charities such as Marie Curie, British red cross - to local charities around our office space such as ‘The Welcome Centre’ to help combat homelessness in our direct community.

Protecting the enviroment is at the heart of everything we do. From saving as many original parts as possible, to only using the highest quality replacements avalible - all of these smalle details add up to give new life to a device.

Quick Mobile Fix Team