Order dispatch.


When do you get the goodies?

Don’t you worry, we understand just how excited to you may be for your order.

Eagerly awaiting that sweet, sweet dispatch email to then sit by the door waiting for the postman.

We aim to dispatch our devices within 7 - 10 working days and then provide next day UK delivery.

But what happens during this timeframe? Well, allow us to reveal all...

Dispatch timeline.

step one

Order placement.

Your order is placed on our system and is allocated an order ID which is emailed straight to your inbox.

step two

Device allocated.

Now your order is on our system, our inventory will automatically allocate you a device from our stock.

step three

Quality assurance.

This is the final big stage before your device is all packed up nice and comfy for you to recieve.

In this final stage, the device will go through thorough testing and checks to ensure you get the quality you paid for, and often better.

step four

Order dispatched.

That’s it! The order is now on its way to its new home. We add extra protection to our packaging in order to ensure maximum saftey in transit with our couriers, ready for the you to enjoy.

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