Renown phone repairs

phone repairs

Let’s face it,
we all make mistakes.

Yup, it happens. And honestly, you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it.

Accidents do happen, and more often than not can’t be helped what so ever.

We understand just how much of an inconveince it can be to get your phone repaired quickly, particuarly when our mobile devices are such intengral parts of our daily lives.

That’s why we make sure our repair selection is quick and easy, and often means your device is repair within 24 - 48hrs.

smashed phone screen

Smashed screen? Whoopsie.

Probably the most common repair we have here at Quick Mobile Fix is smashed screens.

It does happen, and quite often most cases where phone screen smash is completely accidental and in unforseen circumstances.

Generally speaking, there’s two levels of a screen repair. Sometimes the damage isn’t quite as sinister as it visually seems. Either you’ll have cracked glass or damaged LCD, or both at the same time.

Depending on this will vary the cost - but we’ll often reccomend including a diagnostic in your repair order incase of any un noticed internal damage.

phone battery repair

Running a bit low on juice?

As phones start to age, their batteries become less and less effective in holding charge.

This can often cause noticable battery drain while using the device often. What can cause this? Well, there is no set answer to that question.

Many vairables such as battery health, usage, how often it’s charged, if the battery has been over charged and much more contribute to poor performance over time.

But don’t worry, help is on hand. We offer a wide range of battery replacements for many devices so be sure to check them out.

liquid damage repair

Taken a bit
of a splash?

Phone slipped out of your hand into the never ending abyss of the toilet bowl or fallen off a ledge into the sink? Yup. It happens

But fear not, it doesn’t mean your phone is a lost cause.

There are of course plenty of methods you can try first to attempt to dry out your phones internals. But if these fail, we’re on hand to help.

We offer an intensive liquid damage repair service where we fully clean and overlook a device in order to try restore as many parts as possible. If anything then needs replacing, we’ll run it by you before we do anything.

Charging Port

A common problem can be damage to your phones charging port. This can stop your device regenerating battery.

Phone diagnostic

Got an issue you can’t quite identify with your device? With our diagnostic service we’ll find the issue and advise a repair.

Headphone jack

Headphones no longer working? Missing your daily beats? You may well need a headphone jack repair to fix your issue.

Rear camera

Camera no longer snapping those important moments? We can help with that too. Your instagram stories miss you.